December 28, 2015 - Play with NFA


Why would you miss out on the fun almost 1.5 million people got in on last year? Shoot some fun things...shoot without ear plugs, talk among friends while enjoying one of America's first past times...firearms. The NFA game is one for those who are patient, and can legally own firearms as the BATFE thoroughly vet applicants.

Here are some fun facts regarding the historical use of machine guns.

In 1995, there were over 240,000 machine guns registered with the ATF. About half are owned by civilians and the other half by police departments and other governmental agencies.

During the same period, the head of the ATF testified his agency knew of less than ten crimes committed with legally owned machine guns...and some of these crimes could be simply interstate travel without the proper form.

From the inception of the NFA in 1934 to 2010, there appear to have been at least two homicides committed with legally owned machine guns. One was a murder committed by a law enforcement officer Roger Waller in 1988 when he used his M11-.380 to kill an informant. He was sentenced to 18 years prison after pleading guilty.

Of course, the 1986 'ban' on sales of new machine guns does not apply to purchases by law enforcement or government agencies.

On the other hand, illegal machine guns are few and far between when it comes to criminals. in the period between 1983 and 1992, four officers were killed with machine guns in a total of 651 officers killed with firearms the same period.

Some facts:

Citing statistics from Miami in 1980 when it was known as "machine gun Mecca", it's homicide rate was at an all time high and machine guns were used in less than 1% of all homicides.

Minneapolis Police recovered 2200 guns from 1987 to 1989 and not one was a machine gun.

Detroit area law enforcement seized 2,359 guns from 1991 to 1992 and 16 of them were machine guns...equating to 0.7%.

So, get some fun, legally owned toys and shoot with your friends and family...enjoy some of the safest items known to law enforcement ans statistics.

Source for the historical data: Guncite Article

NFA fun

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