2019 Texas Warrant Roundup


Each year some 300 state agencies and federal law enforcement agencies take to the streets looking for individuals with outstanding Class C warrants. Some municipalities, like the City of Conroe this year, provide an amnesty program in February to pay reduced fees to close the cases…This year the amnesty program ends February 28th.

After the amnesty period ends, the agencies actively seek those with warrants. What this means is officers will go to your home, your place of work, and wherever else they may find you to arrest you. If you are in your vehicle when they catch you, they more than likely will tow it.

All in all…it’s a ride most don’t want, especially since Class C offenses don’t carry any time at all as a punishment; they are all fine only offenses. But, just because they grant amnesty and let you pay a reduced fine amount doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal. Many Class C violations can result in all kinds of ancillary problems.

For example, too many moving violations can cause license suspension and surcharges. When a driver gets 6 or more points, a driver has to pay $100 surcharge for the first six points and $25 for every point thereafter..for a rolling 36 month period.

Moreover, Driving While License Invalid, Driving without Insurance, and Driving Without a Driver’s License convictions lead to license suspensions, to reinstatement fees and annual surcharges up to $250 a year for three years.

And, you most definitely do not want a theft, which is a crime of moral turpitude… or a family violence conviction as those carry lifetime consequences prohibiting possession of firearms and getting a hunting license and more.

So, before you run out and just pay the reduced fine, make the right choice and get legal advice from an attorney who knows the Justice and Municipal Court Systems, Class C Offenses, and the impact they can have on your life.

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