Ronnie Yeates Gun Trust Pro - Big Tex Ordnance Podcast

Attorney Ronnie Yeates was featured on the podcast Big Tex Ordnance in the episode titled "Ronnie Yeates Gun Trust Pro". In the episode Attorney Yeates discusses various aspects related to gun ownership, self-defense laws, and the role of prosecutors in criminal trials. The video highlights the surge in firearm sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for gun owners to understand the current political climate regarding gun laws. It emphasizes that legal gun owners typically do not commit crimes and highlights the importance of understanding self-defense laws.

Attorney Yeates explains Texas law regarding shooting alleged trespassers, stating that force can be used to make someone leave your property but escalates to deadly force if there is a perceived threat to your life. The podcast episode discusses defending oneself or others in the face of force or deadly force, emphasizing the need to understand the legal consequences that come with using force. Additionally, it addresses the role of prosecutors in criminal trials, stressing the importance of the state proving its case and following the law. It warns against insurance-like agreements that claim to protect individuals in the event of a shooting or legal trouble, advising people to be cautious and informed about these agreements and to hire a reputable lawyer when necessary.