Makin' Bacon 2

man with gun

On the heels of January’s inaugural run, we had one massive turnout with people from all over the country. Due to heavy rainfall, the entry to Texas Machine Gun and Ordnance’s range was flooded. Therefore, we were blessed to have access to a private range in Magnolia, Texas. Thanks, Bob.

This shoot had many more people, BBQ, drinks, even more machine guns than last time. Many brought their own weapons to share amongst each other. We also had so many more provided by Sons Of Liberty Gunworks and ESG Gunworks. We even had a converted Hotchkiss .50 MG brought out by Taylor Pickerell with Integral Arms.

This time, we had a newly founded association present. Todd Rathner founded the NFA Freedom Alliance for the single purpose of changing weapons and NFA laws across the Country for our benefit. Every dime over and above costs of the event is donated to the NFAFA.

There were also raffles giving away custom handmade belts, silencers and other NFA items.

Come and join us in 2016.

MB222 June 27 2015

MB221 June 27 2015

MB220 June 27 2015

MB219 June 27 2015

MB218 June 27 2015

MB217 June 27 2015

MB216 June 27 2015

MB215 June 27 2015

MB214 June 27 2015

MB213 June 27 2015

MB212 June 27 2015

MB211 June 275

MB210 June 27 2015

MB209 June 27 2015

MB208 June 27 2015

MB207 June 27 2015

MB206 June 27 2015

MB205 June 27 2015

MB203 June 27 2015

MB201 June 27 2015

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