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Ronnie Yeates, a Houston DWI attorney is the best DWI Attorney in Harris County. DWI arrests can be stressful. Many of our clients are first-time defendants when they are arrested for DWI. It can be stressful. You want an attorney that has success fighting DWI cases and experience practicing law within Harris County. Ronnie Yeates will fight for your case and do all he can for a successful outcome. Ronnie Yeates is a criminal lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. His experience includes everything from traffic tickets to murder cases.

Here is where it all begins. Police almost always ask drivers if they have had alcohol during a traffic stop. It doesn't matter what you answer. Most drivers will answer with "just one or two," which can be a misinterpretation of how many drinks they have taken. If the police officer observed other signs or suspects you are drunk, they will continue to look for additional evidence. The majority of police officers will continue their investigation after they have confirmed that you have been drinking regardless of how much. Police can search your car without a warrant if they have probable cause to believe it contains incriminating evidence. A police officer might smell or notice something in a DWI investigation and suspect that there may be drugs or alcohol in the car. Police might have a right to search the interior, trunk, glovebox, and other closed containers such as backpacks if this is the case. Another reason to search your vehicle is driver consent. This is when you give permission for the police to search your vehicle.

Best Harris County DWI Attorney

A portable breath test (or PBT) is a device that police use to measure a driver's alcohol content. These devices allow police to quickly and easily estimate a driver’s BAC. A PBT is not as reliable as breath or blood tests done at a hospital. The results of a PBT test are not admissible in evidence for trial. Instead, they provide another indicator that officers use to determine if there is probable cause to make an arrest for DWI. If the police believe that impaired driving is a probable cause for arrest, you will be taken to jail or to the nearest police station. When you are arrested for DWI, the police usually seize your driver's license and issue temporary paper driving permits. Temporary permits are valid for up to 40 days, or until the Administrative License Hearing finds a negative result. Usually, you will remain in jail until bail is posted and a judge releases you on your "personal recognizance." You can spend the weekend in jail if you were arrested on Friday but weren't bailed.

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